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To ensure you succeed in earning money online in Kenya, that is in online ajira and bizna, and in many other future online endeavors, there are various resources that are crucially essential. Best of all, most are FREE of charge. Of utmost importance is a Wealthy Affiliate account. CLICK HERE to open one for FREE and start on your path to creating sustainable online businesses.

Earning Money Online in Kenya: Essentials of Success in Online Ajira and Bizna- What do you need?

Below is a list of crucial but FREE resources for you to begin with. It’s not arranged in any order.

1. An email account, preferably Gmail

This goes without saying. In the online world, having an email account is one of those things you just cannot do without. You can even have more than 1 account depending on your growing needs (for instance, you might desire to separate your personal messaging account from the one you’ll be using to subscribe to different web services). To open a free Gmail account, CLICK HERE.

2. A physical address, and a postal one where applicable

It’s very important for you to have a physical address that you use officially. This should at least have your street name and building address number, estate or town or shopping centre.

In today’s world, a physical address is becoming increasingly important. This is because handling of money transactions has been taken a notch higher to prevent financing of terrorism and money laundering activity. Your physical address thus doubles up as a show of trustworthiness.

A postal address, on other hand, comes in handy so that you are able to receive physical documents sent to you from some companies, like we’ll see later on. It will have the good old P.O. Box… and a 5 digit postal code, town name and country.

3. A PayPal account

PayPal is a secure international money handling company that does not deal with any hard cash, but rather will digitally carry out money transactions when linked to your local bank account number and debit/credit card (we Kenyans like calling these just ATM cards). In Kenya, your ATM card will either be VISA or Mastercard enabled. We’ll delve deeper into that in the section below.

Precaution: As a rule of thumb, and never forget this, your bank account details and your ATM card number and name must always remain your secret- especially the unique last 3 digits on the flip side of your card.

PayPal operates via their website. You need to open an account with them for you to use their services. That account is FREE. All you need is a valid email address of your own- like a gmail account. To open a free PayPal account, CLICK HERE.

4. A Local Bank Account, and its ATM card

Preferably open a new bank account exclusively for digital ajira and bizna (digital online work and entrepreneurship) purposes. Once your PayPal account is up and running, you’ll then need to link it to that bank account which you normally access using a VISA or Mastercard served ATM card.

Millions of people worldwide use and really trust PayPal (200 million as at 2017). In Kenya, most major banks will allow you to link your account and ATM card to PayPal. Examples are Co-operative Bank of Kenya (VISA ATM card) and Equity Bank Ltd (Mastercard ATM).

 ➡ Precaution: As a rule of thumb, and never forget this, your bank account details and your ATM card number and name must always remain your secret. Do not just give your personal information to any website or company asking for it. You do not ever want to be a victim of fraud and theft from your account. PayPal is safe. Some other websites and companies are safe. I’ll give you my recommendations wherever necessary.

 ➡ Remember: Do not go giving every other website you come across selling you things all your crucial bank account or e-mail information. Be very careful with your personal information- including PIN numbers, ID numbers, phone numbers, and such other information.

5. A Payoneer account, and their Payoneer Prepaid Card

Payoneer is another very trusted company that helps you keep digital money for online use. To open a FREE Payoneer account, CLICK HERE. I have had my account with them since 2012 and have loved their service- especially how they’ll not pass a monthly charge if you have not had any transactions.


  • It is FREE of charge to open. All you need is a valid email address
  • It’s not expensive to maintain a Payoneer account despite lots or lack of transactions or activity.
  • They open a virtual account for you with a bank overseas depending on your account’s operating currency. E.g. for USD, then your virtual account will be in a USA bank.
  • You get to receive a physical prepaid debit card (ATM card) from them. It is sent to your Kenyan postal address. This is thus one of the ways your P.O. Box comes in handy. Once you receive it (after about 2-3 weeks), you’ll be able to activate it online at Payoneer’s website.

6. Mobile smartphone, or laptop/desktop computer, and good internet connectivity

These are very important to have though it’s not mandatory to own all at the same time. Smartphone and/or a tablet can also double up to serve as a Hotspot Wi-Fi connectivity to your computer.

It also goes without saying that you need a room, a table, a chair, a cup (for ujichai- tea, or kahawa- coffee), and other things like that to make your life more comfortable as you embark on this long journey to digital ajira and bizna.



Do not settle for digital ajira (employment/jobs) only. Take this a notch higher. Endeavor to learn how to start a digital bizna (business) to increase stable ways to earn online money in Kenya. This is a more permanent solution. Go for the Digital Bizna option as you make baby steps in earning online cash, use it for growth. Reinvest it. Do not waste it.

7. Your own website, several as you grow

You need your own website (do not worry, no designer needed, I’ll show you how to do it yourself) if you are to make any entrepreneurial progress using the internet. Do not sweat at all. It is easy as we’ll later see.

And why a website? It serves as your storefront. It is your shop. It’s your office. Ever heard of anyone who started a conventional goods and services business but who insisted on having NO physical shop or office? They didn’t go far, did they?

For digital bizna, a website is your storefront, shop, or office. It is where you meet and interact with your customers. It’s where they keep coming back to. You do not have to physically meet them but you and they know that each of you is there.

8. A Wealthy Affiliate account, crucial and FREE to open

Wealthy Affiliate, in a nutshell, is an internet based 10+ years’ program that trains you how to identify, start and sustain an online business. Here you get to learn how to start and maintain your own website(s). And you need not have any prior web designer skills. In fact, it’ll take you less than seconds to make a website- view this video to understand how. 

This is where you’ll find the most comprehensive training on building your own digital Bizna or enterprise and after putting in good effort, eventually start making online income. It’s a kind of an online university of sorts for internet business. 

A Wealthy Affiliate account is crucial. CLICK HERE to open one for FREE. You’ll find no other equal to it anywhere. I’ve prepared this review for you to find out more about Wealthy Affiliate. In fact, even this website has only been possible to build and lead it to success in Google ranks only because of the training I received from Wealthy Affiliate. I’m still a member (premium) because I love the community, it’s help, and also Wealthy Affiliate hosts my websites.

In Conclusion, those 8 things above are essential in making your first informed steps towards ultimately earning online income for any beginner or intermediate online entrepreneur. You need these to earn online money in Kenya. You need much more in future, but, like we agreed, we’ll continue growing together every step of the way.

Remember to add you comments below and let me know what action plan’s on your mind.

  • Yours, Boniface